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Deke's Musical Family History

These are my great-great-uncles on my Grandma Dickerson's side, the Webb Brothers, from Floyd, Virginia. This picture was probably taken in the teens or early 1920s. My Grandma Dickerson inherited their musicianship -- she could play autoharp, guitar, piano, and harmonica.

Deke's great-grandfather Webb, playing the fiddle on the steps of his house in
Floyd, Virginia, probably in the 1930s.

This is my Grandfather Lonnie Gardner, my mother's father. He and my Grandma Virgie Gardner were from Willis, Virginia. I wish I knew what happened to this resonator guitar -- it got stolen from his house shortly before he died.

This is my Grandma Maude Dickerson on her 92nd birthday (she passed away at the age of 94). She lived her entire life in Floyd County, Virginia. She definitely passed down the musical blood to me, as well as the entertainer instinct. Granny D. played a host of instruments and loved to ham it up by clogging (mountain dancing), or by taking her false teeth out and playing harmonica! Her spark and pep until the very end reminded me of the feisty Granny on the "Beverly Hillbillies" TV show, a fact that many of my friends remarked on. As far as I know, my Granny never made "rheumatis' medicine" but other than that she was exactly like the TV character. She is dearly missed.