San Francisco with the Modern Sounds, March 2010

Guitar Geek Festival, January 2010

Dave and Deke's Hillbillyfest 4, October 2009

Roots 'n' Blues 'n' BBQ Festival, September 2009

Ponderosa Stomp at Lincoln Center, July 2009

Rockabilly Rave, October 2009

With the Sadies, September 2009

Ponderosa Stomp, April 2009

Rock 'n' Roll History Tour of L.A., April 2009

Guitar Geek Festival, January 2009

Oneida Bingo and Casino, September 2008

Australia Tour, June 2008

Blue Jean Bop Festival, May 2008

Tiki Invasion, May 2008

Spain Tour, March 2008

With Don Maddox in Medford OR, February 2008

Saddle Sore Saloon, February 2008

Blue Cafe, February 2008

Guitar Geek Festival, January 2008

Dave & Deke's Hillbillyfest II, October 2007

Oneida Casino and Minnesota State Fair, September 2007

Berkeley Front, August 2007

66 Bowl, April 2007

Viva Las Vegas, April 2007

Deke's Guitar Geek Festival, January 2007

Link Wray Tribute Show, January 2007

Billy Gibbons sits in w/ Dave & Deke, December 2006

Continental Club, November 2006

Dave & Deke's Hillbillyfest, October 2006

Blue Jean Bop Festival, July 2006

Nokie Edwards and Venturesmania, April 2006

Guitar Geek Reprise at Viva Las Vegas, April 2006

Deke's Guitar Geek Festival, January 2006

Blue Comet, May 2006

Dave and Deke Combo, December 2005

Horsehoe Tavern, October 2005

Windrifter Tavern, October 2005

Europe Tour, September 2005

All-Star Frat Band Show, August 2005

Deke's Tribute to Link Wray, November 2005

Go-Nuts Backyard Show, June 2005

Dave & Deke Combo in Deke's Back Yard, April 2005

Dave & Deke Combo in Green Bay, April 2005

Blue Jean Bop Festival, March 2005

Tractor Tavern, February 2005

Deke's Guitar Geek Festival, January 2005

European tour, June 2004

Viva Las Vegas, April 2004

Memphis, Winter 2004

Rancho Nicasio, February 2004

Deke's Guitar Geek Festival, February 2004

Australia tour, January 2004

On the road, 2003

Green Bay, July 2002

With Los Straitjackets, May 2002

With the Go-Nuts in San Francisco, February 2002

Boynton Beach, Florida, February 2001

Japan, Winter 2001

With the Rev. Horton Heat, Winter 2001

Rock 'n' Bowl, New Orleans, November 2000

On the Road, Fall 2000

Bumbershoot Festival, September 2000

On the Road, Spring 2000

The Double Door, Charlotte, January 2000

Odds and Ends, 1997-2002

Deke's Musical Family History

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With strap-on bass at Rancho Nicasio 2/29/04
(thanks to Elizabeth S. for the clip!)

All Dressed Up

Don't Push Me Too Far

El Cumbanchero

Wray solo