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On the Road
Spring 2000

Our van in a familiar pose -- hitched to the back of a tow truck, in the middle of Wyoming!

Us and Southern Culture on the Skids at Tuscaloosa, Alabama's best kept secret -- Archibald's barbecue!

Here I am scouting for good junk at "Big Mama's Bargain Shanty" just outside the Okeefenokee Swamp in Georgia!

Rockin' the house in Denver at the Bluebird Theater

We had to go to the legendary Crossroads in Clarksdale, Mississippi to see where Robert Johnson sold his soul to the devil. There's not much there.

The best food in the country bar none is at Ellen's Soul Food in Memphis, Tennessee. Just don't plan on walking or breathing afterwards. Plan on a long nap.

While in Muscle Shoals, Alabama, do yourself a favor and go by Fame Studios, where the "Muscle Shoals" sound originated with famous recordings by Aretha Franklin, Wilson Pickett, Arthur Alexander -- the list goes on.

Fats Domino doesn't shun his fans -- heck, he paints big "F" and "D" letters on his house in New Orleans just to let you know where he's at!

Going through Shreveport, Louisiana, we stopped at the legendary Louisiana Hayride auditorium, where Hank Williams and Elvis got their big breaks.

In New Orleans, we caught legendary rockabilly Joe Clay at the Rock 'N' Bowl. What a great guy...

Just outside Natchez, Mississippi, stands Mammy's Cafe, which definitely recalls another era...!

If you go to Memphis, you have to make the pilgrimage to Mecca -- Sun Studios! Even with all the tourist stuff you can still feel the vibes...

A real tourist trap is Elvis's birthplace in Tupelo, Mississippi. There are, however, the best cheesy Elvis gifts at the souvenir shop!

About the only thing to speak of, really, in the state of Nebraska is this 40-foot statue of Buffalo Bill. You can tell how excited the Ecco-Fonic boys got!

Broken Down and Broken Hearted: See how glamourous the rock and roll lifestyle is? Yes, that's grease and oil covering my hands and head.